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Welcome to Enter-Jobs! 

We are a group of recruiting specialists with many years’ experience, who have joined together to develop a job platform that brings together all the best ideas in job advertising, candidate profiles and matching and application management. We have tested and finely tuned them into this wonderful new, exciting and really simple to use job board.  After extensive consultation with Job seekers who use the various job boards already available from all sectors, we understand their main concerns and have addressed them to ensure easy communication and feedback.  We aim to ensure the ‘user experience’ across all levels both for candidates and employers is second to none.

Our research findings helped us to realise there was a fantastic opportunity to help job seekers and end users on a local and personal level, not a national level. Thus Enter-jobs evolved to support the job seekers and employers in the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire areas only.

For organisations looking for their next new employee the benefits of choosing Enter-jobs are- 

  1. Free trials – try before you buy.  Just contact us and ask for a free code to get your job advertised for a week. Nothing to lose enquiries@enter-jobs.co.uk
  2. Simple and straightforward job advertising process with NO unnecessary questions, just your advert, your way (guidance available).
  3. All local candidates (Herts, Beds, Bucks and Cambs only)
  4. Transparent advertising pricing.  Book and pay by DAY, by WEEK, by MONTH per advert.  Your choice. No hidden costs.  No pay per click. Same Price for all customers. No contracts! Daily price from £7.25 per day. If you book for more than a week and you fill your role you can use the remaining time paid for another vacancy another time.
  5. Easy information dashboard to monitor your recruitment campaign.
  6. Simple steps and functionality to contact, save and manage your applicants.
  7. You will receive original C.V.s only held in a very secure cache on our system.  Unlike other platforms we do NOT tamper with any C.V.’s sent by applicants.
  8. Helping to connect you with any other local resources to enable your organisation to thrive using only the best supporting services brought to you in our Client Resources section.
  9. Use our Profiles section to search and find your next superstar with or without advertising, simply think of up to 5 key words to define the skills and experience you are seeking and search as many times as you like inter-changing with new words to look.  Shortlist and save.  You can purchase credit bundles (minimum purchase = 10 credits £22+VAT at prevailing rates) to use to contact your selected applicants.  For every time you contact a new candidate via the profiles section you will spend one credit.

For job seekers looking for their next opportunity, the benefits of choosing Enter-jobs are- 

  1. All our services to candidates are completely free.
  2. Access to find and view the most varied and up to date job information in the area.
  3. Using up to 5 key words to search unlimited times to find job matches.
  4. Set up a profile either anonymously or identifiably – your choice
  5. Be found quicker and easier by potential employers
  6. Be in charge of which employers you wish to be in contact with.  By setting up a profile anonymously you will only ever be contacted by email and you are under no obligation to respond.
  7. Use your dashboard to monitor, save and manage your job applications all in one place.
  8. All access is mobile friendly
  9. Be part of a success story and join us in making recruitment a wholly new, simple, stress free way of working and be connected with the areas’ best employers, just with a few key words and a couple of clicks.
  10. We are happy to promote equal opportunities at all times and are very interested to ensure our site offers good customer satisfaction.  If you have any concerns you can contact us at any time enquiries@enter-jobs.co.uk we will be pleased to help you.
  11. Give us your feedback – we want to evolve even further and make this site even better if we can. The authors of any original valid and used ideas will receive a £50 voucher of their choice by way of a thank you, so get involved.
  12. Share our information, tell your friends and family and anyone you know who is looking for that new role.  Let’s try to help as many people as we can.  Tell us who you have shared with and super sharers will also receive something by way of a thank you.
  13. Tell us if you successfully find a job through our job board, we want to celebrate your success with you.


Enterprising Personnel Ltd is a sister company to Enterprise Personnel Ltd but both are managed independently and separately. Enterprising Personnel Job Board shortened to Enter-Jobs is our identity, brand and trading name.