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What is Enter-Jobs?

www.Enter-jobs.co.uk is an online job board platform / venue designed to offer 2 types of simple self-serve recruitment solutions for all employers in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire to utilise to source new local talent.  Firstly, there is JOB ADVERTISING. In the traditional sense and format, organisations can upload a job advert to the board and publish it as quick as the following day.  There is also a featured job listing option available whereby the company can choose to advertise their job opportunity on the home page for all visitors to view.  Secondly recruiters and prospective employers can search applicant profiles (having set up a login and verified being from a legitimate organisation, even without advertising a job role) , they can filter, manage, save the candidate profiles of interest to them (using various key words to filter and sort the candidate profiles by industry sector, skills, experience, education, training, qualifications, location, salary expectation).  Finally, if they purchase a bundle of Contact Credits they can send a message to the chosen applicants (using one credit per intro) introducing their businesses and opportunities they are representing and seek to recruit for.  The job board is also available for employment agencies in the area to use to advertise temporary and permanent vacancies.

Candidates can browse the advertisements by selecting their various keywords and the job board algorithm ranks the jobs posted according to most matched words and distance to site of the advertised vacancy. Job seekers can use as many different variations of their keywords as they like – typically we encourage words relating to their professional industry sector firstly and then job specific skills and qualifications or course accreditations, licences and certificates held.  This will help to pinpoint most likely suited roles to them to the least ranked in an order.  However, they can also search as many times as they wish.  Favourite opportunities can also be saved and applied for when ready. Job seekers can set up a profile during registration to the site and have the option to keep their name hidden.  This anonymity function is available to them on the profiles section of the job board to enable them to attract new work opportunities and prospective employers without fear of the wrong people knowing their situation. The profile is intended to be a career summary, however, applicants can also copy sections of their c.v. if applicable to show more information if they feel it is relevant. 

Common features include a control panel for both candidates and clients alike to help manage applications.  For organisations who have paid for any of the services available to them the accounting/invoicing management section provides easy to download copies of all transactions.

Why local? Enter-jobs is built to be big enough to cope, small enough to care.  It is our belief that in such transient and changing times, most employers would prefer to source their next recruit from a more local pool of applicants if and where ever possible, if for no reason other than being more environmentally appropriate.  We believe that it is a good thing to try to help and look to your local community first.

No contracts, just easy effective intuitive talent search and select functionality.  Appointing made easy!