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Enter-Jobs Prices

Our policy at Enter-Jobs is to be fair and transparent to ALL customers. 
There are NO contracts or credit facilities, this site operates on a PAYG basis

ALL services are FREE to Applicants  

Services which have a cost to Employers/Recruiters include
- Job advertising
- Credits for Profiles search and contact 


Standard Pricing Details

Standard Job Listing Advert-

Daily £7.25 (+VAT) 
Weekly £25.00 (+VAT) 
Monthly £40.00 (+VAT) 

Featured Pricing Options

Featured Job Listing-

(please note that this is an additional 
charge to the standard listing fees above) 

Featured job adverts are shown on our home page 
(even before log in!) and are visible to ALL visitors to the site. 
Turn your job into featured listing for the following additional charges-  

Daily £12.75 (+VAT) 
Weekly £25.00 (+VAT) 

Contact Credits Pricing

Profile Contact Credits-

To be able to contact applicants you will require Profile Contact Credits, 
These allow you to contact the applicants behind the profile. 

Starter Package - 10 Credits £22+vat

Mid-Size Package - 50 Credits £100+vat

Supersize Package - 100 Credits £190 +vat

Bumper Loyalty Package - 200 Credits £360+vat