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How To Navigate The Applicant Dashboard

Manage Profile Dashboard Widget

Manage Profile

This section is all about you, add as much information as possible to stand out to employers. 
Add key words that are easily searchable based on hard and soft skills. This can be edited 
at any time. The pie chart that you see will change colour based on how complete your profile is. 
Aim to get it to 100%. 

There is 6 sections for you to fill out-
- I am looking for 
- My skills and experience include
- My Qualifications include 
- My Current profession is 
- My availability is/ I need to give this much notice 
- I am looking for the following salary 

After each of these sections you will see an i If you click on here it will give you details of 
what to fill that particular section with. 

Profile Visibility Dashboard Widget

My Account

This section shows 3 things- 
-The email address that is associated with your profile
-The hidden profile button, The image to the left shows that the profile is hidden. This means that anyone 
 who searches for applicants will not locate your profile. If you wish to change this then click on the button 
 and this will make you visible to recruiters. Use this if you would are going to take a break or intend to 
 come back to the site at anytime. 
- And the Manage Account tab. In this tab you will be able to manage all aspects of your account.  

If you wish to delete your account for any reason instead of placing it on hold you can by doing the following. 
Click into the profile tab and scroll down the bottom where you will find the image below. Click on remove 
account, It will then ask you for confirmation as shown in the 2nd image.  

  Annual Salary Input
  Account Deletion Message
Current Jobs Dashboard Widget


This Section will show you how many jobs are currently active on the site and gives you a link to 
search and then apply for these roles. 

Search Jobs- 

You can search for available jobs here, the initial list of jobs will be those that are within the maximum 
distance you have specified and will take into account the distance from your location when ordering 
the list. Use 5 key words to break down your search. For example- if you are looking for a role in 
customer services which is mainly remote and based In Bedford, You could use words such as- 
Customer - remote - Communication - Bedford Please note that the system uses words rather than phrases, 
If you were to enter Customer Services for example, the system would locate any jobs that included the words both Customer and Services bringing up roles that may not be relevant to your search. 

My Jobs Dashboard Widget

My Jobs 

This section gives you a snapshot of applied for and saved jobs. Breaking down for you if they are active 
or not. Click on the tabs to enter each section. (Please note there is a tab on the top that allows you to filter out 
roles that are no longer available) In the section Applied for jobs you will find all jobs that you have previously applied for and any supporting messages if the Employer has left one for you.

In the section Saved Jobs you will find any jobs that you have saved. From here you will be able to review the role or apply. 


Information on how to write the perfect profile in available in the resources for candidates tab