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How To Prepare For A Video Interview

This year has changed many things, for recruitment one of them is how interviews can be and are held. With many companies opting for video interviews over the traditional face to face process It can seem daunting if you have not taken part in one before. Don't let this worry you, just remember that it is still the same process just in a different format. 

Lets go through a few things to help you prepare. 

Get Yourself Comfortable Image

Tip Number 1 - Get yourself comfortable and prepare your surroundings 

Prepare exactly the same way you would if you were doing a face to face interview.

Do your homework, learn about the company, review the job description, and know what skills you want to highlight in the interview. Also be aware of and prepare your surroundings.

You need somewhere quiet to set your laptop or phone up where you will have no distractions. Making sure that you are in a comfortable chair and have a drink of water to hand.  

Turn On Your Camera Image

Tip Number 2 - Turn on your camera!

This may seem Obvious! but its easily done. They can see you but you cant see them….  the solution DO A TEST RUN! 

Just like you would if you were attending a face to face interview. Check your connection, Make sure the microphone is working, and turn on your camera! It may also be worth checking the lighting in the room. If daytime, shut the curtains to stop screen glare.   

Remember You Are On Camera Image

Tip Number 3 - Remember you are on camera!

You are all set up, have checked the connections and are ready to go! But.. you are still in your pj's! just because you are interviewing in front of a camera (most likely) in your living room at home, does not mean that you can wear what you usually would lounging around the house! just like any other interview 


Make an effort with your appearance in the same way you would for a face to face interview. It will not only show the interviewer that you have made the effort It will also make you feel professional, thus hopefully getting you that dream job!

Keep your hands by your side and away from your face and hair and be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

Be Yourself Image And Finally, Just be yourself. Good luck!