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How To Write The Perfect Profile

What is a Profile? 

At Enter-Jobs when you join us, we ask you to fill in an applicant profile instead of uploading a traditional CV ( A profile is a shortened version of your CV or a large summary ). Allowing employers and recruiters to see a snapshot of your skills and experience. Please note that you will be asked to submit a full C.V with any applications you make for jobs advertised, but the Profile section is where recruiters and employers will search before contacting you directly.

Below is what an employer will see in their profile search results- 

Writing Your Profile Layout Image

We believe in privacy, And understand that sometimes you would like to keep your options open whilst in employment and yet still looking for another role. So we have given you the option of keeping your name secret, which means that your profile is visible but your name is not. Please be cautious if you wish to be anonymous not to divulge names of past employers in your profile as this information could be detrimental to your anonymity. 

You will find this option whilst editing your profile, it looks like the image below- 


Do You Want Your Name To Be Visible

Click across to set this to NO and your profile will now look like this- 
Example Profile With Name Hidden

If you are looking for specific types of work you have an option to display this using the slide option below- 


Are you looking for specific work?

If you are open to any work (for example temp or part time whilst you find your dream job) then leave this on NO and your profile will update as below-
Name Visible Example Image
The Profile- 
Here you will find 6 sections to fill out to, We have added some notes for you below to help. If you keep an eye out for the i symbol on the profile page itself, you will find some extra tips. 

I am Looking for-

Our Job Board cleverly uses 5 key words to help you search for your perfect role, and let employers search for you! In your profile it is important to use as many descriptive words as possible. Keeping this short but relevant, make sure that you paint a picture of yourself and your employment history. 

My Skills and Experience include-

In this section break down your job roles and the experience you have gained in them. Again, making sure to use descriptive keywords. (Remember that if you wish for your profile to remain private DO NOT mention company names!) This could include Job titles, management experience, Industry sectors worked in, uses of different platforms, for example- Sage 200, Excel etc. do not forget soft skills! these are more important than you may think.

Please feel free to copy and paste some of your cv into here, just remember to keep it relevant.

My Qualifications Include-

Use this box for education and training courses, not forgetting the qualifications that you achieved. Include GCSE's, A'Levels. Any further education you have attended as well as any other training courses undertaken. Include computer based training such as Excel, Management courses and any others such as First Aid and Mental Health training.
Again using descriptive words! you never know when someone may be looking for that particular skill!

My current profession is-

What is the title of your current role? If you are unemployed, what was your last role? 
If you have just left education then add details of this. 

My availability is/ I need to give this much notice-

What is the notice that you need to give to your current employer to leave employment with them. This is usually detailed in your contract of employment, If you do not have a copy of this the best way to find out is via the Human Resources department at work. 

If you do not have any notice to give, for example if you are in a temporary role or currently unemployed please make a note of that here stating that you are available immediately.  

I am looking for the following annual salary- 

What would you like to earn yearly. being realistic based on your skillset and the job market. If you are looking for a role that pays via an hourly rate or a part time role, then please pro rata this and work out the annual salary amount. a good place to get help with this is- https://www.thesalarycalculator.co.uk/ Here you will find a calculator that will do the math for you.